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Strategic Communications

Paragraph One, The Introduction. In which we strategically communicate our superior strategic communication skills.

We know, if only it were that easy. But making it look easy takes work.

The first step to developing an effective messaging campaign is to thoroughly understand your organization and its strategic goals—and, if there isn’t agreement on those goals, to help you achieve it. We start from the ground up.  The Raben Group has led full-day strategy sessions, mapped the competitive environment and conducted thorough reviews of existing literature to help our clients clarify their policy objectives.

Once we have a strategy, we turn to tactics. You may know what you want to do, but not who can help you do it (and you may be surprised to hear our suggestions). You may know the who, but not the how. You may even know what, who, and how (in theory), but need a little support to put your plan into action. We can help.

Whether it’s a meeting with an elite editorial board, pitching reporters on your perspective, crafting an elevator speech for a potential funder, planning a press conference for the mainstream media, or developing a social media campaign, we make sure you’re getting the right message to the right audience. 

Our communications professionals draw on a wealth of experience to help you have the greatest impact. The Raben Group helps our nonprofit, foundation, corporate and government clients get published regularly in national print and online media, appear on TV and radio, and testify before Congress—and improve public policy along the way.

Diversity & Community

As a majority-minority firm, we live the “melting pot” experience every day, and we are skilled guides for clients navigating the nation’s changing demographics. more »

Public Policy Advocacy

Our team solves complex public policy problems across a spectrum of issues, on behalf of the nation’s leading non-profits, corporations, and foundations. more »

Strategic Communications

It’s not just what you’re saying, it’s knowing who you’re talking to. And how. We help craft the message to achieve your mission. more »