Our Practice Areas

Public Policy Advocacy

The Raben Group boasts an impressive collective résumé of public service positions, both on Capitol Hill and in federal agencies. Our clients benefit from the relationships and insights that come from years of personal and professional investment in our communities. We are also proud of our track record of collaborating across partisan lines, and we work hard to maintain our reputation for excellence.

Check, check, and check.    

Here’s what sets us apart. We don’t just open doors, we learn substance. We listen to our clients, we think creatively about your challenges, and we establish a firm understanding of your organization and your strategic goals before we begin suggesting tactics. And we always keep our sense of humor. 

The Raben Group has solved complex public policy problems for major corporations, non-profits, foundations and governments across a spectrum of issues: financial regulation, civil rights and constitutional justice, immigration, intellectual property, health and education. We make your issue our own, and we collaborate with you to determine the most efficient way to achieve your objectives. 

We specialize in custom-tailored solutions that reach far beyond the Beltway and “plain vanilla” lobbying. To help clients develop support for their public policy agendas, The Raben Group has created grassroots outreach programs, built “grass-tops” campaigns, conducted in-depth analyses of specific public policy sectors, and researched the intricacies of federal decision-making processes. 

We share a personal commitment to doing work we can believe in, and to doing it with intelligence and integrity. We work with clients who feel the same way. 

Diversity & Community

As a majority-minority firm, we live the “melting pot” experience every day, and we are skilled guides for clients navigating the nation’s changing demographics. more »

Public Policy Advocacy

Our team solves complex public policy problems across a spectrum of issues, on behalf of the nation’s leading non-profits, corporations, and foundations. more »

Strategic Communications

It’s not just what you’re saying, it’s knowing who you’re talking to. And how. We help craft the message to achieve your mission. more »