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Diversity & Community

As The Raben Group goes, so goes the nation. America is well on its way to becoming a majority-minority country. By 2050, the Census Bureau projects that the number of Hispanics in the United States will more than double to 30% of the population. Asian-Americans, American Indians and African-Americans will also claim larger slices of the demographic pie. 

And there are other changes to what was once the status quo. LGBT people are prominent participants in the national dialogue. Women graduate from college and enter the workforce at rates higher than ever before. And advances in infrastructure and medicine enable seniors and individuals with disabilities to connect to the world, and to policymakers, in new ways.

We know these truths not just because it is our job to do so, but because they reflect our reality. The Raben Group is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, diverse group of colleagues united not just by a profession, but by a common commitment to equality and justice. Our clients share our conviction that these values can and should unite us.

Whether you need to reach a new demographic or to mobilize an existing one, we can help. We have worked with clients to design targeted strategies that include grassroots and grass-tops outreach, coalition building, direct lobbying, issue campaigns, policy development, strategic communications and management of corporate giving. 

We are proud of our network of diverse allies. We’re ready to help you build your own.

Diversity & Community

As a majority-minority firm, we live the “melting pot” experience every day, and we are skilled guides for clients navigating the nation’s changing demographics. more »

Public Policy Advocacy

Our team solves complex public policy problems across a spectrum of issues, on behalf of the nation’s leading non-profits, corporations, and foundations. more »

Strategic Communications

It’s not just what you’re saying, it’s knowing who you’re talking to. And how. We help craft the message to achieve your mission. more »