Case Study

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is a nationally recognized, evidenced-based program that partners first-time, low-income mothers with a nurse home visitor to provide valuable knowledge and support from pregnancy until early childhood. 

The Denver-based Nurse-Family Partnership has demonstrated overwhelming success in improving maternal and child health, child development and well-being and overall family self-sufficiency.  The group enlisted the support of The Raben Group to help increase congressional and Obama Administration support for its campaign to expand and replicate the NFP program nationwide.

To advance the campaign’s goals, our team worked with NFP to develop an organizational narrative, a compelling “brand” and a tactical plan – a set of relationships, events, partnerships and opportunities.  We then helped NFP execute that plan, which included securing support from the Congress, Administration and influential third-party validators for the NFP program, and educating other key stakeholders about the organization’s compelling success stories.

Together, The Raben Group and NFP mounted a successful campaign during the health care reform debate on Capitol Hill to secure $1.5 billion in mandatory funding for the establishment of a new, innovative home visitation grant program in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, largely modeled after the NFP program. 

Drawing on our deep knowledge of the federal health care regulatory and administrative process, The Raben Group is continuing to work closely with NFP to help ensure that the federal government appropriately implements and meaningfully integrates the grant program into the nation’s health care system.


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