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The California Endowment

The California Endowment is the largest private health foundation on the West Coast, with a mission to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved people and communities, and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians.


The California Endowment selected The Raben Group to serve as its presence in Washington.  Our goal was to help raise the profile of the Endowment and its grantees so that they could more effectively inform policy debates in the health and wellness arenas.  Our primary focus so far has been on health care reform and childhood obesity prevention.

Our team helped the Endowment and its grantees provide research, data, expertise and experience to policymakers in Congress and the Obama Administration.  This positioning has afforded the Endowment the opportunity to inform the health care reform debate and help shape the contours of First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to curb childhood obesity within a generation.

The final health reform bill made significant progress in two areas of particular interest to the Endowment:  disease prevention and care for children.  For example, the new law establishes the Prevention and Public Health Fund; requires free preventive care services under Medicare, Medicaid and new private insurance plans; establishes the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council; and finances the establishment of new community health centers and school-based health centers.  It also extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) through 2019 and outlaws discrimination against children with pre-existing conditions.

 Working closely with the First Lady’s office, The California Endowment has been a co-architect of the non-profit partnership that will help propel the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign.  In addition, with The Raben Group’s assistance, the Endowment helped raise the visibility of Mrs. Obama’s campaign by hosting a public media event in California with the First Lady that also served to announce the Endowment’s ten-year place-based Building Healthy Communities initiative.


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