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The Breast Cancer Fund

The Breast Cancer Fund, in response to the public health crisis of breast cancer, identifies and advocates for the elimination of environmental and other preventable causes of the disease.

The Breast Cancer Fund (BCF) initially retained The Raben Group to develop their federal advocacy agenda and strategy. Upon completion of that strategic planning process, we were hired to serve as their Washington, D.C. office for implementation of their identified goals, and we continue to represent them in this work.

Prior to engaging The Raben Group, BCF’s work focused primarily on state-level policy advocacy; but following the mid-term election of 2006 and the ascendance of their home district legislator to Speaker of the House, the organization was ready to bring their wealth of policy knowledge to bear on federal legislative opportunities.

We identified and assessed BCF’s potential federal policy goals and priorities in coordination with the organization’s broader strategic planning process. We carefully considered existing Congressional action and interest and gathered information from current and potential stakeholders from the environmental, public health, feminist, and reproductive justice communities. This three-month research process culminated in a priority and goal-setting retreat to create BCF’s federal policy agenda. We have conducted a similar process at the start of each Congressional session since then, updating legislative priorities based on careful examination of the political climate and opportunities.

In partnership with BCF’s staff, we have had the honor of implementing BCF’s federal policy agenda since 2007, working both on legislation in Congress and on regulatory reform through Executive Branch offices. Starting with our success in passing a ban on phthalates in children’s toys in 2008, we have advanced an aggressive environmental health agenda for chemical policy reform that would increase consumer access to safe cosmetics and personal care products, remove bisphenol-A (BPA) and other dangerous chemicals from food and beverage containers, ensure full disclosure of ingredients in cleaning products, and more. We work with Senators and Representatives from all across the country, other health organizations, environmental health coalitions, and other stakeholders, providing vital DC-based knowledge and relationships to help BCF achieve their goal of protecting the public from dangerous chemicals.



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