About the Raben Group

The Raben Group brings together a diverse collection of professionals with deep roots in law and progressive public policy. Our mission is to identify opportunities and solve problems for clients in the corporate, nonprofit, foundation and government sectors. 

We believe the best approach to complex public policy challenges is to understand them from the ground up – carefully considering the client, the substantive issues, the political environment and the audiences our clients must reach to attain their objectives.

From our founding in 2001 by former Assistant Attorney General Robert Raben, The Raben Group has grown to more than 50 employees in our Washington, Los Angeles, and New York City offices. Our clients take advantage of a tailored suite of services including policy development, direct lobbying, coalition building, grass-tops campaigns, political counsel and strategic communications.

We pride ourselves on a unique approach that is unusually substantive and creative. Working with both Republican and Democratic Congresses and presidential administrations, we have used our range of experience, insight and access to help our clients set and achieve their goals in fields as diverse as intellectual property, labor, health, education, financial services, multiculturalism, constitutional law and social justice.

We are united not only by our interest in public policy, but by our shared values. Many of us volunteer for philanthropic organizations. Others serve on the boards of national and local non-profits. As a firm, we help organize charity events and endeavor to donate a certain amount of our time to pro bono projects. We believe in treating people with honesty, courtesy and respect.

And we always keep our sense of humor.

Diversity & Community

As a majority-minority firm, we live the “melting pot” experience every day, and we are skilled guides for clients navigating the nation’s changing demographics. more »

Public Policy Advocacy

Our team solves complex public policy problems across a spectrum of issues, on behalf of the nation’s leading non-profits, corporations, and foundations. more »

Strategic Communications

It’s not just what you’re saying, it’s knowing who you’re talking to. And how. We help craft the message to achieve your mission. more »